Franki Ryker Silver Keishi Pearl Layered Necklace

Franki Ryker Silver Keishi Pearl Layered Necklace

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A stunning irridescent white Keishi pearl from our friends at the pearl farm in Lombok Indonesia, has been hand-picked for this piece. No two pearls are the same. They are as unique as the waters in which they grow. Saltwater.

Saltwater pearls give the most amazing colours. Pinks and yellows bounce off the natural nacre or skin of the pearl, when you see them in the light. They are stunning. You really feel like you are wearing a gem, that's why they call them 'the gem of the sea.'

The double chain has been decorated with 3 hammered 5mm disks that glint in the sun too! The fasten at back allows you to elongate the chain from 45cm to 50cm, complete with a Franki silver tag.

This necklace is made from high quality imported Italian chain in sterling silver 925


All of our jewellery comes gift wrapped in beautiful packaging including a pink suedette pouch for safe keeping and a care card

Note: with plated jewellery, plating comes off over time on rings as you constantly wash your hands in various detergents. It is more noticeable on items that are close to the skin regularly and are washed regularly.