Tan Cowhide Rug

Tan Cowhide Rug

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This all-natural cowhide rug features plain tan features/imperfections. Each one of our cowhide rugs has been hand selected for it's beautiful colouring and unique origin. Sourced by all of the world, we work with UK based company Hanlin who have been a family run business since the 70's. These are an animal by-product. 

  • Approx. 210x200cm.
  • 100% cowhide.
  • For everyday maintenance, simply brush and shake.
  • Can be wiped in direction of hair growth with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Do not wash or dry clean.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Will start to show wear if placed in well-used areas of the home.
  • Please note due to the nature of the hides being a byproduct, they may display these characteristics and qualities.
  • I am the ONLY ONE!

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